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Kumi Papercraft: Firefox Papercraft Mascot from Indonesia

firefox kumi papercaft 300x225 Kumi Papercraft: Firefox Papercraft Mascot from Indonesia

Internet is a popular technology and most people use it to support their activities. The popular program that you use to connect to internet service is Firefox. You need to know that the symbol of the program is a funny fox just like the name of the program itself.

Because this program is really popular people around the world are making a community and it calls as Mozilla community. Even, some of them are creating a specific symbol made from papercraft. Just like in Indonesia, you can make a funy creature namely Kumi and now you can easily download Kumi papercraft design to show that you are one of fans of Firefox and Mozilla. Basically, this Firefox papercraft mascot is made in the sense of Balinese appearance. The dominant color is orange just like the color of Firefox symbol.

If you are the one of Mozilla communities, you can start to make Kumi mascot papercraft design and you can put it besides your computer and I think it will be a nice and funny accessory on your room. Looks how Kumi gives his large smile and it makes you want to finish this papercraft project as soon as possible to see the result. With free papercraft download facility, you can get the pattern easier.

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