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Futuristic Tron Legacy Light Cycle 3D Papercrafts

tron legacy papercraft light cycle 300x300 Futuristic Tron Legacy Light Cycle 3D Papercrafts

The 3D Tron sequel is coming on December. But the fever of the science fiction video game developer story is happening already. The movie trailer has already released, and many digital technology lovers are amused by its 3D sensation and qualified graphics. The icon of the upcoming movies is eye catching. The futuristic redesigned light cycle is so iconic with its supersized luminous tyres, in which it will attract the science fiction movie lovers to add them in their collections.

Now, the official futuristic icon of the latest Disney movie is available on 3D papercrafts. The Tron: Legacy 3D paper model kit consists of assembling instructions and 8 main parts, which are the cycle parts and the rider parts. It is recommended for you to print it on cardstock to keep its firm shape and better model quality instead of printing it on regular paper. The model kit is available on pdf format in futuristic black, blue, and green gradation color.

Unlike other Disney movie merchandise, you can get this official 3D paper kit model for free. You can simply download the futuristic icon from the links available. Assemble the 3D light cycle papercrafts to welcome the upcoming exciting movie.

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