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Rommy Robot Papercraft

rommy papercraft Rommy Robot Papercraft

Probably, most of your robot papercraft collections are a robot with cool, strong, and full of weapons on their body. Did you ever see a funny robot? It is true that there are several robots which have funny face with fewer weapons on their body. One of those robots is namely Rommy. He is a toy robot and from his face you can see that he has funny face with small size.

Rommy robot papercraft can be downloaded for free and the size of the paper is A4. The dominant color of Rommy robot papercraft model is white and blue. Actually, it is a simple robot papercraft that you make and I bet you can make it faster. You can have this robot papercraft as long as you know the instruction well so you don’t need to have difficulty in the process.

The pose of Rommy robot papercraft is different from the other because the position is sitting on the floor and it looks like that the eye is begging to you that you have to finish him as soon as possible. What do you think? Do you like this robot papercraft? If it is so just download it and start the project as soon as possible and you have one more robot collection which probably different with your previous collections.

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