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iPad 300x174 Free iPad Papercraft Model

IPad is one of the popular gadgets these days. Yes, we all need internet and we consider it as part of our life. It has great shape, nice design; many great features for browsing and multimedia task and other feature. But, once again but, it’s so expensive, for me. You might have similar thought like me. And for your condolences for having same taught like me, I tell you great way to get iPad for free.

You just need to make it by yourself with iPad papercraft model. Yes, although, you won’t get many great features and great gadget to browse the internet, at least, you can be cooler with a “fake” iPad on your hand. Yes, this iPad papercraft 3d models has high detail and similarity with the real product. You can even find the port for USB, the detail menu on its screen and many more. Although, the back gradient color is little bit fuzzy, but, if you hide it, people will see you carrying real iPad.

Like mentioned before, this 3d iPad papercraft is free. You can download it from link below and you will get it in PDF file. You just print it and create it. After that, you will be known as one of many people who have one of coolest gadget these days, even its just papercraft.

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  • Merri Bussinger

    What’s the big difference between the ipad and the ipod touch? Other than the bigger size in the ipad, the reading function, the keyboard docking and camera connecting feature, the 3G, and the microphone, are there any other benefits of the ipad over the ipod touch. Also, how much is the monthly charge for the 3G network on the ipad?