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VW Combi Paper Craft

micro bus VW Combi Paper Craft

You can start to collect this hero character to inspire you and to have the room looks comfort since you design it with your favorite character.  However, if you do not have your favorite character and your hobby is to collecting the car accessories, you can make the paper craft from the car that you like most. Go to the linkage web site and you can freely print it to create the car in mini size.

You should not have to collect the real car to be the car collector. Start from the miniature version to make your own car’s garage that affordable, especially, the paper modeling combi car that you like.

Choose the combi papercraft paper that fit most to you. We know that there three types of the combi that you can create in paper craft. Dakota combi, you can see if from the glasses that they use, in the in front of the Dakota car you will see the window is divide in to two. Combi standard, you will see the single windows in front of the car, little bit bend rather than the other combi types. Combi Brazil is the combi type that the window is in square and the door is like the closets door.

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