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Iron Man Paper Craft Pattern

iron man 300x253 Iron Man Paper Craft Pattern

Iron man is a billionaire icon that has the power to save the earth from the bad person. Iron man is the transformation from a man who owns the gun industry for military and he was kidnap to create the gun for enemy and he start to realize that he can survive by applying the gun technology to his body.  You can have your own iron man icon in your room to complete your collection that you can put in your room or anywhere you want.

Start from the obsession to rescue him from kidnapping, tony stark as the billionaire use that iron cloth to save the universe from the bad person that want to own the earth. Put this iron man icon in your room by create your paper craft of iron man. Collect your favorite super hero that you want to have from the listed link to be the place for your download destination.

Iron man paper craft templates are the craft that you can copy from the super hero character. Iron man itself consist of red and gold iron character that represent the rich man that have the big awareness to save the earth and stop the gun production if it is only use to kill and make the riot on earth.

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