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The Solar System within Your Hands

planet papercraft The Solar System within Your Hands

The number of paper crafts is now increasing and a lot more designs are made from the simplest one to the most complex style. Astronomy is a unique field that at the present time you can find it simply by downloading the free template from different website.

Speaking of the Solar System paper cut out model, The Westphalia Public Observatory and Planetarium in Recklinghausen, Germany is presenting free downloads of Solar System paper models that you can easily access from their website. Additionally to the Sun model, you may also download the entire model of the planets from the first planet, Mercury to the last, Pluto. Integrated with the Earth model, you can also find the model of Earth’s Moon as well as the Jupiter model together with the Jupiter’s largest moons, Io, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto. You can use these paper models to teach your student if you are a teacher or your children about our solar system and find out the actual comparison of the size and dimension of the models. Or simply, if you are an astronomy enthusiast then, you should not miss this series.

The Solar System paper model pdf can be straightforwardly downloaded from and besides these models; you can also observe the website and get much more astronomical paper craft here.

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