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The Myth Comes Alive on Paper Craft

statue  odin papercraft 296x300 The Myth Comes Alive on Paper Craft

The anime television series called Saint Seiya was so famous all over the world in the late 80’s; however it wasn’t broadcasted in the US until 2003. Founded on a Japanese manga series, the plot of the series shows the magical fighters called “saints” who stand up for the goddess Athena in her fight back to defend the Earth from other gods inside the Greek pantheon. In the “Asgard” epic storyline of the series the saints come across with Norse mythology characters.

For the classic fans of Saint Seiya, especially with the characters of Norse mythology that they encountered, has their great design of Odin statue 3d papercraft. This Odin statue papercraft is created by a French papercrafter, named Moustagua, is apparently derived from a figure from this certain storyline. Odin is the ruler of the Norse gods similar to Zeus is within the Greek myth. The 3d design is looks so real, and for the detail oriented papercrafts models people, this one is certainly cannot be missed.

So, check it out now and have fun using your imagination with this detailed design. By following the orders in French, the Odin statue Paper model pdf can be freely downloaded from the website.

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