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Science Papercraft: Sundial Model

sundial papercarft Science Papercraft: Sundial Model

Before electric clock was founded, people can still know the exact time. What do they do to know the exact time? In the previous they use traditional watch known as sundial. Just like the name, the clock is using sun and the shadow of the dial tool.

The design is similar to ordinary clock but it runs naturally. Probably, you want to know the design of this sundial and I think you should show it to your children. You can make it by yourself from papercraft. You just need to download sundial papercraft model and pint it out. Then, follow the sundial model instruction step by step to have the full version. After making 3d sundial papercraft model you can practice the way previous people using the sun dial. Furthermore, sundial papercraft model is useful for you who are teaching in science class.

In fact, finding original sundial model is difficult so you just use the miniature one to teach about how it works and the scientific reason of the process. I’m sure your children or students are interested to know about sundial especially sundial papercraft. Even, you can show them about how to make it step by step so they have it at home.

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    Another way to make a vertical paper sundial is with this website: