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Vespa 150 Scooter Papercraft Model

vespa papercraft Vespa 150 Scooter Papercraft Model

I really fun with my new activity in making paper craft design and until now I have around 5 paper craft designs from the easiest design and average level. Next month there will be a paper craft exhibition on my community and our group has to show bike paper craft as the main theme.

Of course, I try to find more information and most of my friends want to make a modern bike papercraft. I want to be different and after searching for several days I found the best bike papercraft to make which is classic bike papercraft. In specific, I choose to start a new project with vespa 150 scooter paper model. I’m interested on the design of the bike in which it uses UK flag as the pain.

Just look on the head light and its spy mirrors which show the classic bike. Of course, it is a difficult papercraft model but I still have time to finish it before the exhibition. For additional information, vespa 150 scooter papercraft that I make is one of popular Italian bike around 1950. In the end, I hope that this bike papercraft project finish one time and I can exhibit it to the public besides taking the previous collection.

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