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Halloween Pumpkin Hat

pumpkincap papercraft Halloween Pumpkin Hat

Japan is the place for new creativity. Art develops rapidly there. One of art designs is paper craft. From paper craft design, we can make hundred of models including a functional paper craft. It means you can use the model and the function is more than an accessory.

For example, you can make a cap papercraft for your children. The design of the cap is various including pumpkin cap papercraft. This kind of papercraft model is a good idea to welcome Halloween. It can be one more variation besides making a pumpkin mask. The pumpkin hat design is simple and you can make it in a short time because you just need to unite the pattern. You can find free pumpkin cap papercraft model through internet and later get pumpkin cap papercaft instruction in the form of pdf.

Because it is a functional papercraft so when you finish with the project you can use it and you can use it as a unique way to welcome Halloween. The design is a common design which is a pumpkin monster. Happy Halloween and don’t forget to use your pumpkin hat papercraft. By the end of the party you can keep it as your papercraft collection and get more design to test your skill and creativity.

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