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Animal Papercraft: Ragdoll Papercraft Edition

ragdoll papercraft Animal Papercraft: Ragdoll Papercraft Edition

Next week is my best friend’s birthday and just like everyone does in a birthday, I also want to give her a special gift. I know that she really like a cat and right know she has two cats and a lot of cat accessories.

When I went to her house I don’t see that she has a papercraft toys and I have an idea to give her a cat papercraft model. First, I’m a little bit confused to find it but in short time I found the place to download free cat papercraft design. From various cat papercraft designs I choose to take ragdoll papercraft model. It is a perfect gift because the face of the cat is cute with blue eyes. Although I only give her a cat miniature from a paper but I think she will be happy to accept it.

But you need to see it because the design looks real. This is because I choose 3d ragdoll papercraft design and it is big enough in size. I’m sure that later she will ask where I got this gift and she will find it several cat papercraft patterns and make it as her new project. Paper craft really give me a simple idea with greater effect.

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