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Bring Your Luck by having Phoenix Papercraft

chinese phoenix papercarft Bring Your Luck by having Phoenix Papercraft

Do you ever seen phoenix? I bet some of you will say that you never seen it. it is ordinary because phoenix is a myth bird from china. Chinese people believe that this bird can bring you luck. The overview of phoenix is having gold color and it flies elegantly across the rainbow in a blue sky.

I think you don’t need to go to china if you want to find phoenix. You can have it one if you like it. The way to have it is by making a phoenix papercraft. Phoenix papercradt design is being made just similar with the overview of myth in China. Again, although it is only a miniature but phoenix papercraft design can act just like real bird in which it brings luck for your life. You can imagine how lucky you are if you can make this legendary phoenix papercraft.

Later, if you had done with the phoenix papercraft project you can put it on your living room and hope that this papercraft can bring more luck for you and your family. The effort of making phoenix papercraft step by step makes it interesting and challenging. There are several lucky symbols taken from animal but phoenix is the different animal and it seems unfamiliar.

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