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Gasshozukuri Paper Craft

gasshozukuri papercraft Gasshozukuri Paper Craft

I visited Japan once a year a go for a vacation. I was amazed on the culture especially on the architecture of the building. Those details are complicated as well as attractive. There are values and philosophy inserted on the design. Amazing!

One of my favorite Japanese building is the Gasshozukuri temple. I visited it and saw a lot excitement on the building. The more interesting thing is I have the miniature. I did not buy it from any souvenirs stores. I built it myself. I do not lie you. I downloaded the Gasshozukuri paper craft pattern and learnt to build it my self. The pattern was so clear and the instructions were easy to follow. I am satisfied with the craft. It represents the detail of the building, even into the colors. There are actually even more Japanese papercrafts models available on the internet. I want to build more Japanese buildings on papercraft.  I will put my works on a special table. The craft is cute and is just as fabulous as other hard souvenirs I bought in Japan. Even beginner like me can build something just as perfect as that.

I look for another Japanese building to build. I think I want to collect those 3D paper crafts work for my own collection.

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