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Tower of Pisa Paper Craft

pisa papercraft Tower of Pisa Paper Craft

There are many exciting places in the world. They worth a visit and we will love to have a miniature for those buildings. Stone or crystal miniatures are average. We can find it on most souvenirs store. I was thinking about something more interesting.

I found a downloadable paper toy pattern, and had the idea to download it and build it my self. Then, I had my own paper craft project on a specific building. It was the Tower of Pisa pattern. I was wondering if I could finish it my self. Guess what! I could! Haaa … This simply because the paper craft instructions are very easy to follow. I finally succeed building my own Pisa Tower. When I put it side by side with other souvenirs, I am so proud of my work. The shape and colors are great, just like the other miniatures of the tower. So unique, this is made of paper, hand made, and you cannot purchase it on any souvenirs store. Not only because I made it myself, it is because the result was unbelievable. Every beginner like me will think so.

I start to love this paper craft, and am ready for the next project. There are maybe another building can be built on such paper craft.

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