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The Late Rabbit Paper craft

white  rabbit  papercraft The Late Rabbit Paper craft

Children love to hear fairytales and stories. My daughter loves to hear them too. Her favorite story is Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, those magic creatures, and special locations appear on the story attracts her just as well as to other children. I love the story as well. It is adventurous.

My daughter is a big fan of the Late Rabbit. She loves rabbit actually and cannot stand the excited feeling finding a mysterious rabbit inside the stories. We used to search for pictures of the rabbit on the internet until we finally found the rabbit on papercraft toys. We downloaded the late rabbit paper toy pattern and decided to build it our own selves. The pattern and instructions was very clear that we can build it very well. She loves it! The shape is just so identical. The color matches with its color on storybook and movies. This is just the cutest 3D paper craft with keen detail and sharp shape. It was easy to be built as well. Children will love to make such craft.

My daughters put her little Late Rabbit on top of her lamp desk, and talk to it before bedtime. Paper toys are beneficial for your kids’ creativity. I consider to invite my daughter for the next paper craft project.

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