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Dumpy Aquaboy Paper craft

aquaboy papercraft dumpy Dumpy Aquaboy Paper craft

I like cartoon figure. They are just the cutest thing ever. Many stores sell many action figures but rarely sell the cartoon movie figures. There are dolls, but average dolls. It is not special for me anymore. It is just not unique and special. I want to have something unique on those cartoon figures.

When I saw those cute paper craft toys, I start to think that there are maybe special papercraft models on cartoon figure. I started to search and find the Dumpy Aquaboy paper craft, one of my favorites cartoon figures. When I looked into the picture of the paper craft, I fall in love in the first sight. It was so alike on shape as well as colors. It looks just as pretty as action figures but in a more natural material. I doubted that I could build it myself. I decided to download the free paper craft and built it my self. Unbelievable! I found myself cutting down the pattern. I succeed making my first papercraft toys. I could not believe that it was quite easy to make it myself.

I took it on top of my shelf and it looks good, even really good! I will make the new one soon.

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