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Confectionery Store Paper Craft

confectionery  shop  papercraft Confectionery Store Paper Craft

My niece loves to play paper doll. I really enjoy the story she always make when she plays. Children imagination is truly amazing. She has those paper clothes for the dolls, as well as doll simple furniture she made it her self. I want to give something to enlarge her fun playing with those paper dolls.

I always imagine city site will be interesting in addition to play those dolls, There many papercraft models feature city sites like market, bus station as well as schools. I found this confectionery store paper craft. The details are amazing! I like the colors. Pink colored store will be very girly. My niece will also love the color. The paper store looks so alike with real store. It has the storage racks with many items in and on top of it with colorful tones and various shape. It is a cute paper buildings shape. My niece can pretend visiting the store using her paper dolls. I found it easy to make it, even for a beginner like me.

I can make my own papercraft toys or build it with my niece. I think she will love it and enjoy building her own toys. Maybe, we will download some more to complete her city sites.

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