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blitty Blitty Paper Craft

If you are playing Mario & Luigi: Browser’s Inside Story, you will find a cute species called Blitty. Blitties are animate blocks that are similar to cats. Browser should obtain the blitties in order to go to Broque’s shop. Leaving the Blitties in the Broque’s store enables him to get extra equipment.

Now, you can find the cute little Blitties in a form of paper craft. You can even make your own Blitty paper craft by following the model of the Blitty paper craft. There are 10 different versions available for the Blitty paper craft models. However, you don’t need to worry since you can find the standard model of the Blitty paper craft model in NintendoPaperCraft. In this site, you will find the instruction to create Blitty paper craft pdf in standard face. You can also change the texture of the face in pdo. There is also jpg in the download packs in which you will find detail explanation how to make it.

So, what you should do to make the paper craft of the Blitty creature is to download the model and instruction here. You should also prepare the paper to create the Blitty paper craft. Making the Blitty paper craft is just so simply when you follow step by step of the instruction.

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