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Make X-Jet Paper Craft

xJet Make X Jet Paper Craft

X-men is one of the most popular superhero movie in the television. The movie about mutans has reached the world wide attention. Many people become the fans of the X-men. If you are a fan of the X-Men, you might have been familiar with the aircraft used by the superhero team. The Blackbird or X-Jet is piloted by Cyclops and Storm.

If you collect the X-men memorabilia, don’t forget to add the X-jet in your collection since it is a vital transportation for the superhero team of X-Men. I recently visited a site that offer free X-Jet paper model download. They provide the model of X-jet paper in which you can try making your own X-Jet paper craft. You can also find X-Jet 3D paper models that enable you to create the 3D X-jet paper model by yourself.

For information, the X-Jet paper craft model has 5 A4 pages and 149 numbers of parts. Next, the size of the paper craft for X-jet is 33 x 29 x 11 cm. Meanwhile, the recommended paper to build the paper craft is medium glossy paper of 150 to 180 gsm. So, if you are really a big fan of the X-men, you can start making the X-jet paper craft for your own collection.

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  • Bob Saget

    It’s a Blackbird dumbutt.