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Ghosbusters movie is one of the most popular movies ever. I think everybody in the world know about this movie. Many people become loyal fans of the Ghosbuster movie. Even today, the Ghosbuster memorabilia are still high in demand. Somehow, since the Ghostbusters movie is an old movie, finding the memorabilia won’t be easy.

However, you don’t need to worry since you can create your own Ghostbuster stuff with papercraft. If you go to, you will find free Proton Pack paper model here. The ghostbusters use the proton pack, nuclear machinery that is used to weaken ghosts, so that they can capture them within the ghostbusters universe. Although the proton pack in this site is only the paper model but the real fans of Ghostbusters will be able to satisfy their need to get the ghostbuster proton pack.

In PaperInside, you can download parts and instructions of the Proton Pack paper model toys so that you can make your own paper craft. There are 7 pages of A4 and 250 number of parts in the Proton Pack paper download. The recommended paper to make the Proton Pack paper craft is medium glossy 120 to 150 gsm. Download it for free and create the Proton pack to add your Ghostbusters collections.

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