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Famous Street Fighter Characters Models

official street fighter papercrafts Famous Street Fighter Characters Models

Do you still remember the Street Fighter movies? This movie is popular more than a decade ago but several local televisions still air it because many people, especially teenage like this movies a lot. This movie is about groups of fighters that follow a competition to win a prize. There are many amazing warrior join this competition and kill each other. If you fond oft his movie and want to have its miniature, you need to draw your savings because the miniatures are very expensive. To save your money, you can make it by your own.

There are many Street Fighter models that you can download from the internet. The models are exactly the same as the original characters in the movies. To get the Street Fighter Papercrafts toys you need to search internet and download. The Free Street Fighter papercrafts can also be downloaded here a long with the making guide.

After you download the model, you need to print it at Papercraft card and then cut it. After you have cut it all, you can fold it and glue it. To make your Street Fighter stand still, you need to put it on a piece of hardboard. Show it to your friends and they will be jealous to your Street Fighter miniatures.

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