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Circus Tiger Papercraft

circus tiger papercraft Circus Tiger Papercraft

This is a funny and cute free papercraft for you. The Circus Tiger papercraft is suitable for your decoration in your living room or your bedroom. It is also relevant as your children room accessory.

The Circus Tiger free papercraft is interesting; it has colorful and funny shape to make people who had seen this before like to see it repeatedly. With two red nose clowns and a tiger that are jumping the circle of fire, make this papercraft be unique and satisfy. It will be an interesting accessory for you, your children, your friends, or everyone who likes a unique papercraft.

There are two kinds of download ways for you to download this free papercraft. You can choice one of them according your desire. The options are Pattern A4 (9 pages) with the assembly instruction, and PatternLTR (9pages) with it assembly instructions. You need to download the instruction too because you need it to assemble the papercraft. One addition, if you have deciding to download it, do not forget to prepare some Matte Photo Papers and ensure your printer set is on high setting ink because it will not give maximal print result if you set your printer at normal setting.

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