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Ondel Ondel Paper Craft: Betawi Traditional Art

ondel ondel papercrafts Ondel Ondel Paper Craft: Betawi Traditional Art

Indonesia has many beautiful cultures that other countries don’t have. There are many old traditions that still alive in Indonesia such as Ondel Ondel. It is a Traditional Art from Betawi that still exist until now. The Ondel ondel is a kind of puppet that is made from paper. It consists of male and female puppet. Those puppets are made from paper and it has height more that 2 meters. Ondel ondel is very famous; it is usually used if there is a celebration such as wedding party or the city birthday celebration.

You can bring these ondel ondel to your home. You can make the mini version of the ondel ondel using paper. You can make the paper craft version of the ondel ondel by yourself. If you have never seen ondel ondel before, there are many ondel ondel paper models that you can get from the internet for free. You can search on the search engine using keyword of Paper model toys ondel ondel. In a second, you will get thousands of paper craft model for ondel ondel.

You can also download Paper models house. To make it all paper craft, you need to get Papercraft paper and you can get the example here too.

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  • chris

    wow, u’ve done a great work there. I’m Indonesian and I’m impressed with your work.
    Thank you for using the ondel2x as your model
    do you have another series of Indonesian culture? thanks