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The Death Eater Mask Papercraft Model

death eater papercraft mask papercraft The Death Eater Mask Papercraft Model

Are you the fans of Harry Potter? If you are the fans of Harry Potter, you must have watched all the movies of Harry Potter, and read all the books about him. So, what do you know about Harry Potter? Harry Potter is a kid, and orphan kid. He lives with his aunt and uncle and his cousin. Somehow, they hate Harry Potter because of one thing. Harry Potter is not a regular kid. He is a wizard.

Somehow, Harry Potter didn’t really understand about it until one day, Hagrid, the guard of Hogwart came to pick him up. He was taken to be the student of Hogwart School, the school of al wizards. If you are the fans of the Harry Potter, you must know something about the Death Eater. This is the guard of the scariest prison in the wizard’s world, the Azkaban. If you are the fans of the Harry Potter and also love the papercraft toy, this is really the toy for you.

The Death Eater Mask papercraft model is the ultimate model for some Harry Potter fans. If you really like the books and the movies, you should try to get this one as your collection. You may download the papercraft pattern from the internet. Come and get it.

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  • bella

    death eaters are voldermorts minons, not the gauders of azkaban they are the dementors and dementors don’t where masks. hagrid is the game keeper of hogwarts not the protecterof hogwarts.nice death eater mask by the way!

  • admin

    Thanks for the correction, I’m glad you also love the mask :)