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miniature airship papercraft Air Paper Craft

There is something that makes me in love with paper craft. It is not because it is easy to make, but it is because it can make me dream. I mean folding the paper makes my imagination fly higher and higher, just like the bird. But since people can only use the aeroplanes to fly, then I start making model paper airplanes, instead of birds.

I want to keep my mind realistic and not too wishful by paper modelling. And since I like airplanes, I always make it one. My favourite is a miniature airship. It is not purely airlines but still has this term of ‘air’. Although it is complicated, it is amazingly beautiful. I find a free pattern for final fantasy airship model around the internet and it is truly pretty. It is 3D and it is unique. I guess it will take me some times, but I want to make this a success.

At first it is hard for me to follow the instruction, fold the paper neatly, and cut it in the right place. But now, I have already become quite a master in folding this paper. Although I cannot create my own 3 dimensional paper models airplanes, I still can fold it perfectly that it looks similar with the picture.

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