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T-Rex Paper Craft is My Favourite

t rex green papercraft 217x300 T Rex Paper Craft is My Favourite

I don’t know why, but I really like animal figurine. I know the real figurine is really expensive. Thus, I make my own animal figurine. It is not that I am being so creative or maniac, but it is my way to save my money. I make paper toy which represents an animal figure.

I don’t draw because I can’t and I am really bad at making the template on my own, even for the simple fish. So, I just download the paper toy patterns. There is an animal that I like the most, it is T-Rex. I know this animal when I was watching Power Rangers years ago actually. This animal left a strong impression on me. It is tall, tough, strong, and scared by the others. It is the king of the ancient era, just like what I want to be right now, the king of the world. I like it so much that I cannot leave even a day without browsing and downloading the new pattern of this animal.

Hopefully I can upload my own animal paper craft that everybody can also see it and make it. But for now, with this average skill in patterning, I guess I will still download paper toy model from the internet. And of course it is the free one.

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