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I like folding the paper, but I’m not really good in it. I just like to make origami on my own and it is some kind of a little bit abstract for some people. Then I get interested in paper craft which is said the new type of the origami. It makes interested because it has 3D shape and using thicker paper than the usual paper crane. Well, it is quite difficult to make so I decide to download the model and the pattern from the internet.

There are many of them which are available for free download. But there is a website that becomes my favourite, Papercraft world. I really like the Gundam model that it has because I was once Gundam fan. It is 3G paper craft, but it quite simple for me to make it. I just need to follow the link on the website to download the model that I like and it is free.

Then, I prepare the paper and the printer to pint the pattern. I usually use the glossy paper because the colour of the object looks better. After I get the glue, the scissors, and the other equipments that I need I start to fold and build my papercraft models.

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