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Kaminarimon Gate Paper Model

Kaminarimon  Gate  of  Senso ji Temple  papecraftl Kaminarimon Gate Paper Model

The Japanese has been known as their great culture. They have so many awesome buildings formed as temples. Those temples were built in the old days, and somehow those temples still exist. One of the most excellent temples in Japan is the Senso-ji Temple. This temple has a gate that called as the Kaminarimon Gate. This is an awesome gate in front of the temple.

The gate’s official name is Furaijinmon, or the Wind and Thunder God Gate. This is a huge gate that also has a huge lantern on it with 3.3 diameter and 3.9 m height. Wow, that is such a giant lantern, isn’t it? Some people really love this gate, so they decided to build the miniature of the gate. If you are interested to have the Kaminarimon Gate of Senso-ji Temple Papercraft model, you may try to download it in the internet.

You would be able to get the paper craft assembling instruction in the internet. The best part is, you would be able to get it for free. This is the perfect addition for some people who love to collect some papercraft model. What do you think? Are you interested to get this awesome collection?

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