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PT-76 Light Tank Papercraft toy

PT 76  Light  Tank  papercraft PT 76 Light Tank Papercraft toy

Many people love to collect many kinds of action figures, vehicle models, and even some weapon models. For some people, this is the way for them to express their interest on the military stuff. Here is an awesome addition collection for some people who love to collect some military stuff. The best things are; they could get it for free and they could build it. It would give some certain different satisfactions for them.

This is the PT-76 Light Tank miniature. Well, this is different with the other kinds of miniature. This is the PT-76 Light Tank Papercraft toy. This is surely the perfect addition for some people who love the military collections. This model has an excellent texture that refers to the Indonesia Marine Corps color. The designer is from Indonesia, Rizky Ferriansyah. The real tank is built by the Soviet Union in the early 1950s.

If you are interested, you would be able to download the paper craft instruction to be able to assembly the tank. You may get it for free. So, whenever you want to get the papercraft model, all that you need to do is just try to search the model. This would be the perfect addition for the collection.

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