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The Swan Castle Papercraft Model

neuschwanstein papercraft The Swan Castle Papercraft Model

Here is the kind of paper handy craft for some people who love the architecture world. For some people who love this world, the ancient buildings always give them some certain interests. They always love and admire the old time architects that could design and built some awesome buildings. Those buildings have long lasting lifetime, and still stand strongly until today and they even become the local and international landmark.

Here is for some people who love the architectural craft. Surely, they love to assembly something such as the papercraft toy. This would be the perfect addition for some people who love the architectural world, the Swan Castle papercraft model. The real Swan Castle was built by King Ludwig II. The real castle is located near Fussen in Bavaria, Germany. This is the awesome castle that still exists until today.

So, whenever you want to add an awesome kind papercraft building, you should consider of building the Swan Castle. You may get the pattern and the assembling instruction in the internet. The best part of it is; you may get it for free. You don’t have to pay anything at all. All that you need to do is just click the perfect site and download it.

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  • Ursula

    The castle is actually called Neuschwanstein, but there a swan (Schwan in German) in there… ;)

  • admin

    Thanks for the correction :)