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The Emerald Buddha Temple

emerald thai papercraft The Emerald Buddha Temple

Thailand has so much amazing places to be visited when you are going to have some vacation there. One of the most amazing places to be visited is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, the capitol city of the Thailand. In the local language, the Emerald Buddha temple called as the Wat Phra Kaeo. In the beginning, it was set as the royal’s family temple.

The “nick name” as the Emerald Buddha Temple refers to the principle image of Buddha that was made of emeralds. Some Buddhists believe that the Emerald Buddha has the powers to save the nations from the crisis. The Emerald Buddha Temple has three doors at the front of the main sanctuary, but only the left and the right doors are open. The centre door is exclusively for the King and the Queen.

As a very historical place, it would be a great thing for us if we have the miniature of the temple and we could add it into our collections. You don’t have to go there to get the miniature. You may make the Emerald Buddha papercraft models by using the guidance from the paper toy pattern. You may build the Emerald Buddha papercraft.

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  • Roxxii

    Thank you for your site, it is very good. You find lots of interesting and unusual models which I enjoy making.

    I visited this magnificent temple some years ago. The “Emerald” Buddha is actually carved from a single piece of jade which is nearly 1m tall. It was hidden for many years beneath a plaster coating, and was only discovered by accident when a piece of plaster was dislodged when a monk was cleaning it.

  • admin

    Hi Roxxii,
    Thanks for share your experience about the Buddha Temple. I hope someday I can visit it and see with my own eyes!