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The Emperor Penguin Papercraft

penguin papercraft The Emperor Penguin Papercraft

The Emperor penguin is one of the large penguins in the world. It’s even the largest penguin in the whole world. The Emperor Penguins could grow to their maximum growth for about 100 to 130 cm tall and weighed about 30 kg. This is one of the best divers in the ocean. Some experts said that this penguins are could reach the 250 meters depth and stay inside the water for around 29 minutes.

They are living in the ice continent, the Antarctica in colonies for breeding on the thick ice layers.  The females lay one egg in early May then they leave the egg. The male penguins would take care of the egg while the females head to the ocean to search for some food to replenish the energy that was expended in the egg laying process, and the for the chicks which will soon hatch.

Adding this penguin into your collections would be such a good idea. Off course, you are not about to add the real penguins, but you are going to make the Emperor penguins 3-D paper models. You may get the paper toy patterns to build the Emperor penguin papercrafts. Definitely, this would be the different addition of your collections.

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