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Castle on the Ocean Papercraft

paper craft castle 300x199 Castle on the Ocean Papercraft

Perhaps you are all remember that when we were kids, there are many assembling toys that our parents have given to us to trained us to assemble something. Our parents bought us many assembling toy in order to train our ability on assembling things. Many of us still love those assembling toys until we have already grown up. Perhaps the toys weren’t exactly the same, but the point is the same, assembling some things.

Many people love to play the papercraft toys. This is the kind of assembling toys as well. When we were kids, we tried to build a castle from some brick toys. Perhaps, now we could build the castle from the paper. This is one of the examples of castle models is the papercraft castle models that you would be able to try to assembly it.

This is the kind of papermodels house that formed as a castle on the water. But somehow, if you want to try of making it, you must have at least four years spare times to assembly the castle. That was the estimation times of the art student of Wataru Itou. Well, somehow, this is an amazing model that (perhaps) we would be able to do such things.

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  • Dreamer9450

    The “Castle On The Ocean Papercraft” has a link for downloading it. However, the link will only take you to photos of the model & a description. The model is not available to the public as a project to build.