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3D Bang One Papercraft

bang one papercraft 3D Bang One Papercraft

Do you know about Bang One? Actually he is a mascot or icon from TV One. It is a privately owned television station in Indonesia. Many people in Indonesia like this character. For the first time, Bang One (read: O-ne) was show up as a cartoon mascot for TV One. He always talks about hip issues that happened in Indonesia. For example: political cases, economic cases, or even culture cases.

His funny character and his chubby look makes people like to watch political cartoon of Bang One. You can also make 3D Bang One papercraft. Bang One has unique character and so Indonesia. Bang One cartoon usually says about Fight Corruption, Fight Illegal logging, save the earth, save our heritage, and more again related hip issues that happen in Indonesia.

His name (One) is taken from TV One: the television station that located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This cute Bang One papercraft paper is suit for a gift too. Send it to your friend who likes political news so much. Make Bang One papercraft model is easy. It is a simple papercraft model. It also has simple color. So, have fun with this TV One mascot model now!

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