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3D Cute Restaurant Papercraft

restaurant papercraft 3D Cute Restaurant Papercraft

Looking for a doll house? There are many type of doll house. If you purchase it in store, you have to spend big costs for a plastic doll house. If you are looking for cheap price, you can try papercraft doll house. It also has beautiful colors like the real one. You can also choose the pattern in order to looks real. If you want, you can make a little town for your doll.

Well, for now, you can select restaurant papercraft. It is completed with chairs, dinner table, plates, menus, some plants, and you can even open and close the window. This restaurant papercraft is so cute. Now, your dolls can pretending work at a restaurant and eat dinner with her boyfriend. You can also give it to your daughter as a gift. She will like it so much.

This free restaurant papercraft is made like the real one. Beside have some dinner tables and chairs, it also completed with little kitchen. It has brown and soft cream colors. So, it will match with some other colors. This 3D restaurant papercraft will looks more real if you also add papercraft people to accompany your doll have dinner in this restaurant. So, have fun!

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