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The Nintendo Themed Paper Crafts

automata paper mario hammer papercraft 226x300 The Nintendo Themed Paper Crafts

Do you still remember with the Super Mario Bros? He is the famous plumber on the Nintendo world, long ago before play station had not invented yet. Well, if you miss him but you cannot play it again because Nintendo is out of date, then have the Super Mario Bros Paper models. You can make it and keep it as the symbol of your Nintendo glory.

It is not difficult to make one. You can download the Free paper models from the websites. There are also another Nintendo’s famous characters you can make. There are the characters from Zelda games and Kat from Mario Ware game. You can even make the cute kittens from Japan, the Hello Kitty as the Mario Bros. You can choose your own favorite to make. You do not have to be worry about your paper craft skill, because there is the guideline to make it.

Bring back the glory of Nintendo in your room by making the Nintendo themed paper craft. Maybe you cannot play them anymore but you can make their paper models. You can keep them for display. You may also give them to your friends as a gift to share the same sweet memories from your childhood.

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