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Paper Topiary Tree

tissue paper topiary papercraft 171x300 Paper Topiary Tree

The nicest think about creating papercraft is not only that you will be proud for the result you have after the hard efforts and patience of the creating process, but also because your creations is just limited by your own imagination. There are thousands of idea you can implement in many ways, and paper topiary is one of the best examples you can create with various types of materials.

Check out the tree paper craft above. You can see that it is made with simple design and even simpler materials of paper but this add more artistic and functional; value to the papercraft. You don’t need to use expensive papers to create a beautiful papercraft because if you have great imagination and ideas, you can see how simple things around us can be turned to be functional o even artistic crafts.

The paper model tree you can see above only requires tissue papers with various colors that you can cut and fold according to the instructions. So grab your papercraft tools now, take any unused printed papers and start to create this cute tree paper topiary. It is easy and simple so you can create it as a practice for beginners.

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