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Cute Papercraft Dookie-Poo Dioramas

dookie lounge papercraft Cute Papercraft Dookie Poo Dioramas

If you want to add more toy set for your kids or maybe your own collection, maybe you should try to create it. Toy set is not really cheap and it will help you to save more money while challenge your creativity and patience by creating your own toy set. The toy set can be a kind of diorama which will be great as a decoration, collection, or maybe play set.

Take a look at the diorama set of the cute Dookie-Poo above. Don’t you think those tiny furnishings are cute? Creating those tiny things will be a good way to spend your spare time in a productive way and the result will make you feel satisfied. The Dookie-Poo diorama papercraft can be placed in a glass box or you can set it in any other ways. You can start your first set of Dookie-Poo paper models and then add many other dioramas to create a small town of Dookie-Poo. Don’t you think it will be a very interesting project?

If you have more ideas, you can add more furnishings including bed, toilets and many others. You can also use the basic pattern for your own choice of favorite character for the paper model. Have fun with your imagination and see how the result will amaze people around you.

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