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3D Tomb Raider Papercraft: The England Gold Artifact

tomb raider papercraft england gold artifact 3D Tomb Raider Papercraft: The England Gold Artifact

Do you like Tomb Raider series: the England Gold Artifact? Tomb Raider is a film that told about brave woman that always trapped in great adventure. It’s full of action and very attractive. First launched as a video game, Tomb Raider steals kids and teenager’s attention around the world. One of the famous series of Tomb Raider is Tomb Raider: England Gold Artifact.

If you like it so much, you can make the papercraft artifact now. It is cross with gold color. If you like cross too, you can make some and then you can use as accessories in your bed room. There are many free tomb raider papercraft. This one is pretty thin. You can also use this innovative art that crafted from paper as a gift. Give it for your friends as a friendship gift.

Actually this golden cross artifact is one of the golden artifacts that found scattered in the ruins under the King Arthur’s museum in England. This 3D Tomb Raider papercraft has pink color in the four side of the cross. It’s printed like the real one. If you like Tomb Raider video game or film so much, this tomb raider papercraft paper canbe one cool collection for you.

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