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Notre Dame de Paris Paper Replica

notre dame de paris paper replica 300x253 Notre Dame de Paris Paper Replica

Notre-Dame is particularly known for the legend “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” which makes this French-Gothic church become quite mysterious yet fascinating. For those who speak French, it is clear that Notre Dame de Paris is a church which presented for Mother Mary. Notre Dame de Paris means “Our Mother in France”. The most interesting part of this church, besides the infamous legend, is the architectural design which accentuates the beauty and gloriousness of the towers.

Some of us might be lucky for having the chance to visit this church, but for those who don’t have the opportunity, creating Notre Dame paper model will be a good thing to do. Don’t worry, those who have already visited Notre Dame church are also allowed to create Notre Dame papercraft model.

The Notre Dame papercraft pattern is available to be downloaded here. From the picture, you will be able to see how this paper model is able to capture the unique details and beautiful design of this Gothic Church. Even though it can be a little bit complicated and require more skill and patience, the result will make it worth to do the hard efforts. Start your project now and enjoy your own beautiful Notre Dame de Paris.

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  • jeb buffinton

    “Notre Dame de Paris” translates to “Our Lady of Paris”
    Nice model, by the way.