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Great Buddha Of Todaiji Temple Paper Models

buddha paper craft Great Buddha Of Todaiji Temple Paper Models

In the Todaiji Temple, somewhere in Japan, there is a great Buddha Statue that has been there for hundreds years. So many Buddhism came to the temple to worship the Buddha there in the Todaiji temple. Some papercraft lovers have created the beautiful replica of the great Buddha Statue.

Although the real Buddha statue has been repaired for some times, but still, the great Buddha statue is one of the great statues in Japan. This is also named as one of the world heritage by the UNESCO, as one if the historical monuments of ancient Nara. The real Buddha has 1498 centimeters. The head itself has 533 centimeters height.

If you are interested to add this one of a kind collection to be one of your collections, you would be better get the free download model first. Take a look about it, and then get the paper model pattern to see how was the Buddha Statue replica was assembled. This might not the easy part of these art works, but surely when it come to the result, the satisfaction is the only consideration. Well, what do you waiting for? Go get this antique’s papercraft and let it be the fantastic addition for your collections.

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