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Fish Paper Craft Design

Gold fish Fish Paper Craft Design

Papercraft is an interesting activity. From making papercraft model it can increase our passion and creativity. Moreover, it can support our hobby. For example, my hobby is looking after fish on aquarium but I can’t do it anymore because I’m very busy right know. Someday, I found interesting papercraft, which is fish papercraft.

As stated before that fish is my favorite animal, so I directly download it. Fortunately, I can download fish paper craft for free. Now, I try to finish my second goldfish paper craft. I really like it because it looks real. In fact, this is a 3d goldfish paper craft. I like goldfish because it is a luck fish. I also like the orange or gold color from goldfish. You can imagine it’s really sophisticated to make goldfish paper craft but by reading the papercraft instructions and following the paper craft pattern I can make it one by one.

It’s really fun if you can make your own papercraft model. Later, if I have more and more fish papercraft, I can make my own aquarium. If I have done with my Goldfish papercraft, I want to add it with clownfish papercraft. How really nice to see their paper craft and this activity don’t disturbing my other activities because I can make it anytime I want.

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