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Human Torch Mask Papercraft Model

human torch mask papercraft1 Human Torch Mask Papercraft Model

Do you know Fantastic Four movie? I bet you know it. This is popular movie from Marvels production. In fact, I’m the biggest fan of Fantastic Four movie. I really love all the character but I’m fascinating with one of the member known as Human Torch. As their fan, I tried to find Fantastic Four merchandise.

Then, I found something interesting when I was doing my browsing activity. There is a product called paper craft and what makes me surprise is that they have Human Torch Mask paper craft. Its look fascinating and I want to make it and have it as one of my merchandise. Fortunately, they have the place to download the paper craft model for free. I can’t wait until I finish my human torch mask paper craft model. The paper craft model look simple but later I can wear it and show the mask paper craft to my friend.

I can take my human torch mask paper craft on the mask party or in the Halloween day.  I really like the expression from the human torch mask. it seems he want to burn me up with his spirit. Moreover, it easy to make the model even kid can do it well. And here I am with my human torch mask paper craft.

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