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optimus prime paper 228x300 The Ultimate OPTIMUS PRIME

Well, are you ready for the ultimate papercraft collection? Ready or not, check this out! This is the ultimate full colored Optimus prime papercraft models for your collections. The greatest robotic papercraft toys have been released. Check this out! This is the central figure of the Transformers. Although the real action figure might already exist on your collection, still there is always enough space for such a unique collection. The Optimus Prime paper action figure would be a great addition to you collections.

Well, we know about Optimus Prime as the Leader of the Autobots. In the Transformers’ movie, we saw that the Optimus Prime could transform into truck. So, this is what you are about to get: the paper model toys can transform into the Truck, just as we seen in the movie. It is cool isn’t it? This is surely the best offer that you can get from the papercraft action figure.

The best part of all these are that you could get the free paper models and download models for free. So, if you are really interested, go and get it. Add the ultimate Optimus Prime to your personal collections and get it for free. Well, what do you waiting for then?

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