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The Spirit Of New Year’s Happiness In A Papercraft

japan new year paper The Spirit Of New Year’s Happiness In A Papercraft

New Year is a moment that most people waiting for. People all over the world celebrate this special moment every year. New Year is the time where you leave the precious year and make a step to the new one to do a better life. In some countries, some symbols are commonly used to welcome this event. One of the countries that present some symbols for the New Year is Japan.

This rich of culture country has some typical symbols when the New Year comes. There are kadomatsu, the tiger, and kumade. These three attractive symbols can be made into papercraft to make it more unique. Kadomatsu papercraft symbolizes longevity and prosperity. The tiger papercraft symbolizes as the holy animal in Japan, and Kumade papercraft symbolizes the wealth and happiness. These attractive papercrafts are presented in interesting color combination. They will look very nice to be put on your living room as the symbol of happiness in celebrating the New Year.

You can try to make these attractive papercrafts by checking their pattern on the internet. There are no complicated steps to build them. Build it with the spirit of happiness will make the process much more fun for you. Do not waste your time, prepare your papercraft tools now and start cutting the pattern.

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