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Hellboy’s Good Samaritan Revolver

hellboy revolver papermodel Hellboy’s Good Samaritan Revolver

If ever watched Hellboy movies or maybe Hellboy’s comic, you may be curious with the origin of this big red man who often carries a revolver in his hand. Hellboy is a quite unique character since he was actually sent from hell because of some mysterious ritual and then he was fostered by a good man. Despite the interesting origin of Hellboy and the symbols behind the story, this character has a mainstay weapon called Samaritan Revolver. And this weapon will be quite interesting to be the object of our next papercraft project.

You will need to be prepared with the papercraft tools before start to create the Samaritan Revolver just like the one on the picture. Download the paper Samaritan Revolver pattern first and start to create the papercraft according to the instruction.

If you take a look at the paper model Samaritan revolver featured in the picture, the interesting part of the design is on the details. This I why, adding more decoration will make it look better, but of course make sure you are matching it with the “hell” theme. You can add more bullets as much as you like and put it in a glass box for a great decoration.



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