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Disaster Papercraft Model

titanic disaster papercraft Disaster Papercraft Model

There are many lessons we can take from a disaster which was happened around us. For example, when you first heard the story of Titanic, you will think about the lack of safety feature provided on the ship for such amount of passenger. There are many other deficiencies that we can take as precious experience for the future through the disasters which happened around us.

Enough about the lesson we can take from disasters, why don’t we create a monument to memorize the historical disasters in the world? When Titanic sank in the middle of Atlantic sea, the story behind it involving various rumors which make it become a little bit dramatic. Creating Titanic Sank papermodel will be quite interesting especially if you know how to catch the dramatic moment.

As you can see on the picture, you can use various types of papers and colors to make the disaster papercraft look real. You can also add more features such as fire, waves or other things as your imagination takes you. Get the free papermodel pdf or you can create your own disaster papercraft on other event by improving your own imagination. The result will be great as gift or room’s decoration.

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