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Adorable GTA IV Papercraft

gta papertoy Adorable GTA IV Papercraft

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a popular game which has made thousands of gamers get attracted to playing this game and finish the mission assigned. If you have ever played this game, you will know why this game becomes so exciting. The players are allowed to control the character as they like, whether if they want to finish the mission or not. You can explore the whole city and even swimming in the sea even if you are not supposed to do it. The unlimited gaming experience offered by this game is one of the interesting things about Grand Theft Auto. But if you want to know what it is with the name, play the game and just try to seize any car around you, you can hijack any vehicle you want.

Anyway, since we are not going to talk about the game, but the cute GTA IV papercraft model, we had better start to talk about the papercraft now. The design will make it look less rough and it even looks somewhat cute. You can create it just for fun or maybe present the GTA IV papermodel as a gift to someone who loves this game.

This GTA IV papercraft will be a good decoration in boy’s bedroom. Download the pattern and start the fun times of creating this unique papercraft.



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  • TEI of Thessaloniki

    niiice :)

  • Mia Harris

    Grand Theft Auto is so damn addicting game. I play 8 hours a day of GTA.’,`

  • Lauren Wright

    the latest version of Grand Theft Auto have more detail on its graphics, nicely done.-”`

  • Theo Shaw

    i used to play Grand Theft Auto a lot but i kind of got busy these days so i dont play it anymore;;.

  • UPVC Windows `

    Grand Theft Auto is an addictive game but really not suited for the younger kids-:’

  • Compact Fluorescent Bulb :

    i always think that Grand Theft Auto is the grand daddy of racing and shooting games, i love this game-.*