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Another Fancy Street Fighter Papercraft

ken papermodel cute Another Fancy Street Fighter Papercraft

Remember Ryu, Ken, Honda, or Bison? Street Fighter was so hot at the 90’s. From games, comic, even movies. These days, there are still some action figures of Street Fighters that be able to be found in stores, but maybe, not much. It’s not that hot anymore. Now, it’s the time for manga to rocks!

But, for you, the 90’s boys, which now might already been a father, it’s always find to explore your childish side sometimes. Being an adult, doesn’t mean we couldn’t do our childhood games anymore. Well, consider that these days, the action figures of Street Fighters are a bit hard to find, maybe, it’s time for you to me them your own.

How? Using fiberglass, that common used to make action figures? No, that would difficult and need some big cost, and off course, need some pro to make that. So? Let try to make the Street Fighter Papercraft. Want to know how? Check the site, and get the 3D Street Fighter Papercraft making tutorial, FREE! Even the language is a bit difficult for us to understand, but the picture of would explain much then the words. So, are you ready to Street Fighting again? Ryu, Ken, Honda, and Bison are ready to action now. Again, by you. And maybe, you can ask your sons to join with you, and it would be a family game then.

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